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5 The Best WordPress Job Board Themes for 2018

Are you looking for a perfect job board theme to build your job portal website?

I specialize in building Job board, Job portal & Recruitment/Employment websites having extensive experience in WordPress job board development. I have worked with all popular job board themes like Workscout, Jobify, Job Career, WP Job Manager etc.

There are a number of WordPress based job board themes to choose from but I’m going to share with you the best job board themes which I think are the best in terms of features, functionalities and user experience.

There are 2 types of job board themes,

  • WP Job Manager Based Job Board Themes
  • Standalone WordPress Job Board Themes

#1. First of all, let’s talk about those job board themes which are based on WP Job Manager. These themes just provide you the basic design and layout but get all other functionalities from WP Job Manager so you will have to buy some additional plugins along with the theme which can increase the cost.

#2. Standalone job board themes are the themes which have created their own plugins and they get all the functionalities own their own and you don’t need to buy 3rd party plugins.

Here is the list of the top 5 WordPress based Job Board Themes according to my priority,

1- Workscout

workscout job board theme

WorkScout is an all-in-one WordPress Job Board solution for recruiters, employment agencies and any kind of job office you can think of. A powerful tool that allows building a professional website in minutes. No coding knowledge required.

Pros: It is a modern, sleek and compelling theme with unique design and layout which attracts users for the first place. The theme developer has modified some hooks to create a kind of user dashboard which is not possible with WP Job Manager. The user navigation and user experience are also great and there is no bug at the moment because the theme developer is updating the theme continuously to make it better and better.

Cons: It is based on WP Job Manager and it pretty much depends on WP Job Manager so you can not expect something out of the box of WP. It’s a form bases system for every action there is a form like to submit a resume, post jobs but there are no statistics available and also there is no way to restrict a user from the particular area.

WP Job Manager Compatible: Yes

Price: $59

2. Job Career

jobcareer job board theme

JobCareer theme by Chimp Studio is a complete Job Board WordPress theme that allows you to create a useful and easy to use job listings website. Using JobCareer theme, you can create a complete & fully Responsive job portal, career platform to run human resource management, recruitment or job posting website. JobCareer theme has been built with the plan to make it compatible with famous plugins like indeed. JobCareer is not just a job board theme, it’s the best WordPress job portal template choice for anyone who wants a simple job script that makes money.

Pros: If you are looking for something like Monster then this theme is for you because it has got all kinds of functionalities like a modern job board like proper candidate and employer dashboard if you sign up as a candidate you will be automatically redirected to the candidate dashboard and if you sign in as an employer you get to the employer dashboard immediately. The user navigation is very clear, you have different sections for candidates and employers. The automated email system integrated so every action with email notification and you can change the email text easily.

Cons: The loading speed is very slow as compared to other job board themes. It’s a heavyweight theme but you can optimize the site for better performance. The coding is a little bit complicated if you want to modify the functionality you will have to put some great efforts in order to do that. Candidate shortlisting feature is also a little bit complicated because you can not directly shortlist a candidate from the employer dashboard and it is a big flaw in the theme.

WP Job Manager Compatible: Yes

Price: $59

3. Careerfy

careerfy job board theme

Creerfy theme by Eyecix is a complete Job Board WordPress theme that allows you to create a useful and easy to use job listings website. Using Careerfy theme, you can create a complete fully Responsive job portal, job posting recruitment website. The careerfy theme has been built with the plan to make it compatible with famous jobs feeds like indeed. Creerfy is not just a job board theme, it’s the best WordPress job portal theme choice for anyone who wants to create a simple complete fully Responsive job portal.

Pros: It is a new theme in the market but making some good sales and getting papular day by day because it has got some extra functionality, for example, there is no way to delete your account own you own but you get this functionality in this to remove your profile form the website if you would like but all other features are pretty much like JobCareer so you have proper user dashboards to manage job applications, job listings, shortlist candidates and create a candidate profile and upload resume.

Cons: There is no particular bug found in the theme so far but still there are few things needs to improve like the candidate profile. The navigation system is poor, There is no restriction to download resume it should be like if you are signing then you can download resume or resume download should be attached with payment package so you will be able to download resume if you have an active job package but overall it is a good theme.

WP Job Manager Compatible: No

Price: $49

4. InJob

Job Board theme is one of the best Job Board WordPress Themes, complete solution for recruiting agencies and human resources. It is loaded with options, both for the recruiter and for candidates. We ensure that your job listing WordPress website is as easy to use as possible, from both the perspective of administrators and visitors. As Job Board theme includes front-end submission forms, the registration, job posting, and application processes all take place using custom forms, rather than via the WordPress backend. This helps create a consistent user experience for anyone interacting with your site.

Pros: It is also a new theme in the market but it has got some great features and functionalities like a review system where employers can leave reviews on candidate profile and candidates can review employers/companies. It is also translated into 7 languages like English, German, French, Turkish, Spanish and Italian so you don’t need to buy any extra plugin to make it multilingual that being said, it also got proper user dashboard and clear navigation.

Cons: The user navigation is not that clear when you open the website things are coming from all around which makes you confused but overall it’s a great theme take a start with.

WP Job Manager Compatible: No

Price: $ 49

5. Job Monster

monster wordpress job board theme

As an expert in Job Board and Listing Industry, Jobmonster has never disappointed the customers. The Job board WordPress theme was born to be the bridge that connects employers and candidates. Jobmonster brings on the table absolutely new features like Modern Job Advanced Search, Front-end Resume & Job submission, Easy installation and customization, Edition for Admin Review, Job Posting Pricing Plan, Email Notification and much more.

Pros: It is the oldest WordPress based job board theme and there was a time when this theme was very papular. It comes with some premium plugins for free and you can install the demo with one click installation. It comes with WP Bakery Builder and Revolution Slider which allows you to create beautiful slides in minutes. It is also integrated with WooCommerce plugin which makes it easier for you to sell your job packages to the employers and make some good money out of your job board.

Cons: The design, layout and user navigation is very poor and it’s not up to date as a modern job board theme. The theme developer doesn’t often update the theme. There are very less customization options available so you can modify this theme unless you have good coding knowledge. The loading speed is also poor as compared to other themes.

WP Job Manager Compatible: No

Price: $ 55

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