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The Different Types of Engineering Jobs to Start a Career

There are different types of engineering careers to choose from but it’s very difficult to suggest which one is right for you. One thing for sure that most of the engineering jobs are high in demand owed to their diversified skill-set.

Engineering by definition is the art and science which deals with design, buildings, structures, machines and technology. An engineer applies the principles of science and mathematics to develop economical solutions to technical problems. Since the array of work possibly done by an engineer is quite large so you have to specialize in one of several fields. Let us take a quick sneak peek at what are the top reasons why you should be taking engineering as a career.

Engineering is a diverse field

Engineering career tend to branch out in much more defined areas, therefore you as an engineer have widespread opportunities to explore. There are different types of engineering jobs which you can pursue. This includes computer science, civil, mechanical, chemical, electrical, electronics, biotechnology amongst others.

A profession of immense repute

Whatever work engineers take up, they tend to benefits the society. This aspect directly or indirectly gives engineers a sense of reputation and prestige in the society. Being associated with a profession that supports national and global competitiveness, cutting edge domain, elevating living standards automatically boosts your confidence on both the platforms social and personal.

Galore of opportunities

A professional engineer has an outspread scope and future prospects would always remain rich. You have an ample number of choices to scout for your perfect job. Industries which are the typical employers of the engineers include information technology, information technology enabled services, infrastructure, chemical, telecom, automobile, finance, retail amongst others.

Engineers achieve great things

An engineering career will develop your acumen to think rationally and you inculcate the right skill-set which will aid you to carve a niche in the business world. As an engineer, you get an opportunity to develop, design and implement new technologies like you may be involved in developing and delivering better and sustainable infrastructures or may be involved in finding out the cure to some of the dangerous diseases of the time.

Money and exposure

Individuals working in this field get a lot of exposure. With an engineering degree in hand, you get a ticket to unlock a plethora of opportunities in the local market as well as the international market.. Engineering jobs are ranked amongst the highest paid services in the world.

All Types of Engineering Branches to Start a Career

A degree in engineering is the first step towards a future career of discovery, design and invention. It can be a very technical job and nearly all fields require a minimum of certification if not a bachelor’s or doctorate. The types of engineering jobs can be broken down into two distinct fields.

The first of these jobs for engineers are those within research, design and development. These jobs will require heavy-schooling but will generally be accompanied by higher pay and more benefits. The second area falls into the production and maintenance department. This is more often described as field work and will require a practical application of information instead of more theoretical work.

Ten of the most common types of engineers are the electrical, Aeronautical, Civil, Mechanical, Biomedical, Construction, Automotive, Textile, Chemical and Computer engineering to name a few.

1. Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering is one of the broadest of all engineering fields which deals with planning, designing, constructing and maintenance of different buildings, roads, structures, dams and other formations. From the roads we drive on to supplying goods around the country, all done by civil engineers. There are various subfields in civil engineering, including environmental, coastal, transportation, construction, water resources, surveying, material and structural engineering.

Civil Engineering Jobs

Civil Engineering Courses

2. Automotive Engineering

Automotive engineering encompasses mechanical and structural engineering and requires those working within the field to apply the principles of several scientific disciplines. These include physics, structural design and materials analysis. Automotive engineering jobs also require a strong understanding of manufacturing principles and mechanical system design and operation methods. These engineers may also need to be knowledgeable in several other areas of engineering including safety, power, electronics and software. Many engineers working in the automotive field will specialize in a particular area allowing them to become experts in their realm. This often results in higher pay and better job security.

Automotive Engineering Jobs

Automotive Engineering Courses

3. Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineers are trained to apply physics and science principles to mechanical systems. They design, manufacture and analyze these systems. It is often a branch of engineering that looks at how heat can be used to make power in machines. It is one of the oldest engineering disciplines which goes hand in hand with all other versions of engineering. Mechanical engineers deal with heating and cooling systems, vehicles that have motors, airplanes, boats, medical machinery and plenty of other things. This profession started with industrial revolution but i has certainly evolved in modern times. Sometimes it can overlap with other types of engineering such as aerospace, civil, electrical and more.

Mechanical engineers are specialized in the research, development, design, manufacturing and testing of electrical tools, engines, machines and other mechanical devices. Mechanical engineers will work mainly on power-producing machines including electric generators, internal combustion engines and steam and gas turbines but they can also work on other power using machines including refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment, machine tools, material handling systems, elevator and escalators, industrial production equipment and robots used in manufacturing.

Mechanical Engineering Courses Online

Mechanical Engineering Jobs

4. Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineers deal with problems associated with heavy electrical systems such as power transmissions, motor control and control systems. This stream deals with the study and application of electricity, electronics and electromagnetism. This branch of engineering includes sub-disciplines like electronics, mechatronics and telecommunication engineering. There are different types of jobs available in this field like digital electronics, analog electronics, signal processing and control systems.

Electrical Engineering Jobs

Electrical Engineering Courses

5. Textile Engineering

A textile engineer works with fibers, yarns, fabrics, finishes and carries out research and development for improving and creating new textile-based products. This branch of engineering deal with the scientific and engineering principles to design and control of all facets of fiber, textile and apparel process. The products and machinery including natural and man-made materials, an interaction of materials with machines, safety and health, energy conservation, waste and pollution control.

Textile Engineering Jobs

Textile Engineering Courses

6. Computer Engineering

A computer engineer deals with the applications of computer science and electronics to design and develop computing systems and other technological devices like processors, circuit boards, memory devices, networks and routers. There are two types of computer engineering fields like software engineering and hardware engineering. A software engineer deals with the soft side of a computer which includes creating new applications like complex software systems and programs to meet the needs of the modern age but a hardware engineer works with the technical side of a computer.

Computer Engineering Jobs

Computer Engineering Courses

7. Construction Engineering

A construction engineer deals with design, plan, construct and manage infrastructures like roads, buildings, bridges, airports etc. Construction engineering is a field of study to understand the process of construction, including how to successfully carry out construction projects that may include designs from several other engineering sub-disciplines such as geotechnical, water resources, environmental, structural etc.

Construction Engineering Jobs

Construction Engineering Courses

8. Aeronautical Engineering

Aeronautical engineering is one on the most essential branch of engineering that deals with the technology, design, structure, mechanism of aircraft’s and other flying objects like missiles, helicopter, airplanes, rockets and space satellites. It also deals in research, theory and practice of aeronautics in all disciplines.

Aeronautical Engineering Jobs

Aeronautical Engineering Courses

9. Chemical Engineering

A chemical engineer uses basic principles of chemistry, physics and mathematics to produce chemicals, materials and energy. This engineering discipline deals with chemical processing but usually on a large scale. They may develop new types of fuel which are hopefully better and less polluting than what people are using now. It is one of the best branches of engineering which is also high in demand.

Chemical Engineering Jobs

Chemical Engineering Courses

10. Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical engineering is one of the important disciplines of engineering that trains you to combine your knowledge of biology and medicine with engineering principles and practices for solutions to medical and health-related problems. To pursue a career in biomedical engineering, you require a minimum of four years of university education. You may assume an entry level engineering position in a medical device or pharmaceutical company a sales position for biomaterials and biotechnological company or a clinical engineering position in a hospital.

Biomedical Engineering Jobs

Biomedical Engineering Courses

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