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Sagheer Anjum

Welcome to Gulflancer!

My name is Sagheer Anjum and i am the founder of Gulflancer.  I have been working as a student consultant for 3 years and now working as a freelancer online over Upwork. I started this website about 2 years ago and my blog is all about sharing my knowledge and personal experience with the world.

I spent most of my time living in Dubai so mostly you will read articles on this website related to Dubai but also on other topics like Career Development, Career Tips, Interview Tips, Jobs & Employment, Real Estate etc. I always try to publish those kinds of articles what people are looking for and i try to answer those questions in a simple way.

Usually, i write articles by myself but sometimes other authors do contribute to this blog as a guest blogger but i keep check on it by approving only useful quality articles.

I am also planning to add some more functionalities to this website so you can expect a real estate and job portal in addition to this.

Email Address:

You can always reach me out via the contact form.