teaching job opportunities in dubai for females

Teaching job opportunities in Dubai for females

One of the Middle East’s most liberal cities, Dubai is the perfect place for any career-oriented woman to make a mark. Besides the numerous opportunities the city has on offer, this place gives you the perks of a tax-free income that makes it even more attractive for females of all ages to look for a job in Dubai and settle down here.

Traditionally in Arab countries, including Dubai, it was men who worked outside whilst women looked after households. However, things have been changing thick and fast in Dubai and other places in the gulf. Today, you’ll not be surprised to see of all walks of life working across different levels of an organization and even in those sectors that were predominantly dominated by men. Therefore, if you are an aspiring woman, there is always something to look forward to career wise in Dubai.

Teaching jobs in Dubai at schools, colleges & universities

Dubai is especially a great and promising place for young women looking forward to pursue teaching career in UAE. This is because the city is home to several multi-national schools, colleges, and universities where you will always find work across different levels. Therefore, if you are a woman having necessary qualifications, then you can always consider trying out a teacher’s job. The opportunities available in Dubai for female teachers span from early years through high school/secondary positions.

Salaries and other benefits for teachers in Dubai

In general, women teachers in Dubai can expect their salary to range between 9000 AED and 15,000 AED. All of this salary is tax-free and can vary depending upon the school and experience level of the teacher. Some of the benefits that teachers can look forward to in being a teacher are medical insurance, return flights, end of contract bonus, and free accommodation. Various school benefits and tax-free salaries mean female teachers can expect to live in this dynamic city comfortably and look forward to saving lots of money through their contract.

All other job sectors in Dubai for females

It is not just teaching; there are several other opportunities for women in Dubai. In fact, sectors like construction, technology and engineering, that were once considered male bastions, are rapidly seeing increased women workforce. Therefore, if you are a young, energetic, and qualified woman, then you may even consider working in one of these sectors for a living. Yes, these are professions that require professionals to spend long hours working on the field; interacting with co-workers and requiring to visit sites, but women looking for job opportunities will find this doable and interesting.

Job opportunities in Dubai for females are no longer limited to optical stores, herbal medicine stores and pharmacies in malls. In fact, the local government has vowed to include more women workforce in the coming years in its commitment to improving the economic situation of the region. What this means is that women can look forward to getting employed even in dynamic sectors like oil and gas. As an incentive for companies to employ more and more women on their rolls, the local government has mandated the employers to open up a child care center and even have the maternity leave increased from 4 to 10 weeks, especially in those organizations that employ more than 15 women. Now, this is what every woman aspiring to work in Dubai would have loved in the first place!