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  • Even as a UAE National I was having trouble getting contacts from recruitment agencies in Dubai. I had no feedback on my resume and did not know how to have my resume tailored to job postings in Dubai. I am thankful to Gulflancer.com for getting me connected to a company in Dubai that was right for me. Your service is quick and excellent! Sarah, Interior Designer

  • It was through Gulflancer.com that GBM Group was able to contact me for a job vacancy in Dubai, UAE. I was fortunate enough to have passed the interview and just within two weeks I joined GBM Group (a well-established company offering various services here in UAE). Alya, Sales Manager

  • I would like to thank Gulflancer.com for helping me find a great job opportunity in Dubai. I would highly recommend every job seeker to register on it. Usman, Assistant Accountant

  • I appreciate all the work you put into finding legitimate positions, because I worked for months doing the same thing before I found Gulflancer. After I joined Gulflancer.com, I got a job in UAE and have been working with the company for almost a year now. I recently got a promotion too! Gulflancer.com is wonderful and thanks for everything. Anna Smith, Software Engineer

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Gulflancer is one of the largest employment website in Dubai to search, find and apply to jobs online. If you are a fresh graduate living in Dubai or an experienced professional looking for job opportunities in Dubai or Middle East, we will help you to find the job that is suited to your particular needs. Our job search engine is built with latest technology that aims to match the right jobs with the right people. To find the latest jobs in Dubai, simply browse by job title, job category or become a member to get the first alerts on jobs you’ll like. Registered users can set up Job Alerts to receive emails on new job listings. Register now to search and apply for jobs in Dubai, UAE.

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Dubai is a vibrant city with many job opportunities, however our job search engine will make your job search a lot simpler. Register your profile and try as possible to show your skills and experience in order to attract companies to your profile. Add your resume to our database and we will send it to the best companies hiring in Dubai and UAE, You can also make it available to be searched for by thousands of recruitment agencies in Dubai and Middle East through our Premium Membership. We have got jobs in all sectors including Hotel/Management, Tourism/Hospitality, Engineering, Healthcare, Education, Oil/Gas, Full time, Part time, Freelancer jobs in Dubai and UAE.


Gulflancer works with thousands of organizations to fulfill their online recruitment needs. Its simple now to hire professionals for your vacancy through our rich database of qualified candidates from all over the Middle East, You can post your jobs to let interested candidates apply for it and you can choose the right candidate that suits your need. Get instant access to today’s most powerful hiring tools and streamline your entire hiring process. Advertise jobs in Dubai and start hiring today with Gulflancer.